Gites d'Ambernac Confolens

Medieval city and cited alive. CONFOLENS is located at the confluence of the Vienne and the Goire. This is the origin of its name. This is one of the sub-prefectures of the Charente département. At about 60 Kms from the three major regional cities nearby (Limoges, Angoulême, Poitiers), Confolens is, because of its relative remoteness of these urban centres, an intermediate Center whose development is autonomous. 40 minutes from Limoges airport, one hour from the TGV Atlantique (Poitiers), located along the East-West Centre-Europe Atlantic road, point burst to "Atlantic arc" Nantes - La Rochelle - Bordeaux, Confolens is a place of passage and home.


Gites d'Ambernac Angoulême

Tourism Office of the country of Angoulême, Charente. All the necessary information to organize your holidays, stays, visits. The old Angoulême is the old part, between the rampart and the city centre in the narrow, winding streets and small squares. The city centre, also located on the plateau has been portrayed by Honoré de Balzac in "Lost Illusions": "up the nobility and power. Castle, Town Hall, prefecture, Cathedral and rich mansions are everywhere. But unlike the old Angouleme, the whole of the city centre was very modified in the 19th century. It is a city where it is good to walk, the evening many small restaurants settle in the streets.

Festival of confolens

Gites d'Ambernac Festival de Confolens

The Festival of Confolens succeeded to sail against all odds and carry high and far the colours of the Charente Limousine. The festival Arts and popular traditions of the world attracts 200 to 300,000 visitors every summer. The purpose of the Festival of Confolens is to ensure the transition from a culture of violence and discrimination towards a culture of dialogue, tolerance. This festival takes place every year in the month of August and gathered the troops musiciales of the whole world. During a week, musical groups occur on different stages in the old town and its surroundings.

Comic strip Festival

Gites d'Ambernac Festival de la bande dessinées Angoulême

International Festival of the comic strip of Angoulême takes place late January - it is the annual pilgrimage of all comic lovers. Angoulême became the capital of the 9th art. By the thousands, comics fans will converge on the city of Charente for four days dedications, meetings, exhibitions, concerts, designs and many other activities... Four days during which our reporters will mingle in the crowd, to the inhabitants of the cities invaded, stunned authors and astounded fans.

Poitiers and the futuroscope

Gites d'Ambernac Furuoscope poitiers

At the Futuroscope amusement park. For release weekend, share family more than 25 attractions and experiences to enjoy yourself and explore the world. The Futuroscope theme park is a theme park with attractions based on multimedia, cinematographic, audiovisual, technology future robotics. It is located in the Department of Vienne, 10 kilometres north of Poitiers, on the communes of Chasseneuil-du-Poitou and Jaunay-Clan. Opening from 7 February to January 3, 2010. Park acquires a new night show the mystery of the Blue Note in lieu of the forest of dreams, new films as shock cosmic to the Cosmoscope replacing Destination Cosmos, the Astromouches to the Imax 3D virtual worlds, Ecodingo to the dynamic Cinema 1 in lieu of danger on Akryls replacing. In April, the world of children is complemented by 3 new games.

Lakes of high charente

Gites d'Ambernac Loisirs Lacs de haute charente

Lakes high Charente: green, air and water.Space to preserve and protect, high Charente lakes are a large lake area. The Lee Lake is an artificial lake created in 1990 by the construction of a dam on the upper part of the Charente, just arriving in Charente, on the communes of Verneuil and Pressignac.

It is nearby to 3.5 km to the East of the Lake of Mas Chaban, with whom he formed the lakes de Haute-Charente...